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A business exchanges goods and services for money. Logistics is the path through which the transactions are completed. A transaction can take place when goods are moved in bulk or one at a time. The lifeblood of a business is logistics. Without it, there would be no transactions and no profits. A business can achieve its objectives only if the goods and services are moving smoothly from one location to another. However, logistics requires more than just the flow of goods and services.

A logistics professional will also need to address the complex problem of network restructuring. Factors affecting this restructuring include changing demand, technology and product innovation, outsourcing opportunities, and the availability of ICT supporting systems. The first task in any network restructuring project is to establish an efficient inventory management system. Once this is complete, the second step is to define fulfillment processes. A streamlined process will consolidate the entire logistics process.

We Oversee Warehouse, Shipping, Handling & More

The next step in logistics is to design a flexible plan that allows for customization. Automated maintenance plans will allow businesses to fulfill demands from single customers in a more efficient manner. They will also be able to provide just-in-time replacement parts for their products. Manufacturing is not a simple process, and logistical planning will be necessary for a successful business.

With the help of Innovantedge, we’ll ensure that everything arrives in time for your business. By working with warehousing, shipping, and logistic partners around the world, you can rest assured your logistics process is what you need them to be. Contact us about the logistics for your business.

Product Design

We work with some of the most talented product designers and mechanical engineers in the world to bring your product idea to a prototype. Designing your product the right way; both from a utility and design element, is one of the most important steps in the product development journey.


With relationships and access to top of the line factories in both North America and across Asia, we assist you in finding the right manufacturers with the ability to mass produce your products while taking quality and budget into consideration.

Product Sourcing & Private Label

Is there an existing product that you would like to mass produce in your label? We work with mid to large sized companies in sourcing product manufacturers willing and able to produce most products. The sourcing process includes finding reputable manufacturers and requesting samples, MOQ’s, lead time information and pricing which are all key elements in helping our customers decide which manufacturer is right for their project.

Quality Control & Inspections

One of the most important parts of the production process is ensuring Quality Control during the various phases of the products manufacturing. We work with the factory in the initial phase to clearly outline the standards of which you expect and also follow up once production begins to ensure that the standards are being held up. Doing a final inspection before goods get shipped out of the factory can save a lot of headache, time and money. We provide a final inspection of goods prior to any products leaving the factory and communicate the details with our customers throughout the process.


Understanding the logistics required for international trade is crucial to the day-to-day lifespan of your business. We work with warehousing, shipping, and logistics partners from around the globe to help ensure your logistics are in line with what you need them to be.


Having a great and high quality product is one thing; but it is also important to have the branding to match. We work with an extensive group of graphic designers, web developers, photographers and copywriters to ensure your brand look and messaging is on par with what you have envisioned.

Sales & Marketing

Getting your product out to the masses has its own sets of challenges and expertise. Whether your strategy is to build a direct to consumer sales model or wholesale to big box stores, or both; our team of both digital marketers and wholesale sales professionals are here to assist you.

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